SMK Glide Pinlock Inserts

Genuine SMK Glide Pinlock insert lens

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SMK Glide Pinlock anti-fog inserts clip between two adjustable eccentric pins located in your helmet visor, these inserts can be easily swapped over depending on your riding needs. The SMK Glide Pinlock insert is made of a moisture absorbing plastic and the silicone seal on the Pinlock insert ensures there is an insulating air layer between the Pinlock insert and the visor.

Fog resistance level

The SMK Glide Pinlock lenses are all supplied in the Pinlock 70 fog resistant level. 

Fits the following Pinlock prepared visors

  • SMK Glide visors (all sizes)

Supplied with

  • Pinlock insert (colour selected)
  • Fitting instructions
  • Protective film attached, please remove before use

Please note: These inserts will only fit SMK Glide visors that have the Pinlock pins already fitted into the visor. Please check to make sure you have the pins installed before ordering this insert.

As shown in the images below, the Pinlock insert is manufactured out of a unique special moisture absorbing plastic, which helps make Pinlock the worlds number one anti-fog solution for motorcycle helmets.

Normal visor surface

Visor with no Pinlock®

Pinlock® insert surface

Visor with Pinlock®

  • Genuine Pinlock product
  • Moisture absorbing plastic
  • Silicone seal creates a double glazing effect
  • Fully removable & interchangeable item
  • Up to five different colours available
  • Passes the ECE standards mist-retardant test
  • Will fit into your Pinlock prepared visor
Fits the following Pinlock prepared visor
  • Glide

Pinlock® fitting and adjustment with 2 piece pin

Pinlock® fitting and adjustment with original pin