Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marquez 3 Motegi TC2 Helmet

Shoei's new flagship racing helmet.

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Wrap a flexible tape measure around your head approximately two centimetres above your eyebrows and ears. Use this measurement to find your closest helmet size from the table below.


To achieve the best fit, begin by finding your head size using the method above. The size you choose should fit around the crown of your head comfortably with no pressure points The cheek pads should fit firmly and snug around your face. Once the chin strap is fastened, grab the chin bar of the helmet and move side to side. Your cheeks should move with the helmet and not slid across your face. On many helmets different cheek pads can be purchased to obtain the perfect fit.

CENTIMETRES 53-54 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62 63-64 65-66


All helmets do slightly vary in shape. If you are not happy or you are just unsure you may be better off trying a different model or even a different make. We offer a full 90 day returns policy, so take your time, try the helmet on in the house for a few minutes and make sure it's the right helmet for you before removing the visor film/tags and taking it out for a ride.

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Product Details

The Shoei X-Spirit 3 helmet is Shoei's new top racing model appears now in the world race tracks with totally new real racing specification of shell, visor, interiors and aero-device. The Shoei X-Spirit 3 helmet combines integral feedback from professional racers around the globe. Produced with the very latest in technology and the most advanced materials, not forgetting Shoei helmets 50 years of helmet building experience. The Shoei X-Spirit 3 helmet is track certified by the fastest riders on the planet such as MotoGP Stars Marc Marquez and Bradley Smith, the Shoei X-Spirit 3's motorbike helmet features unite to form the most progressive racing Shoei motorcycle helmet on the market. 

Supplied with:

  • Clear Pinlock® prepared visor
  • Clear Pinlock® anti-fog insert
  • Breath deflector
  • Shoei helmet sack
  • 5 year warranty
  • Organic Fibre and Multi-Composite Shell
  • EPS Liner with multiple densities
  • Adjustable Modular Interior for optimal fitting
  • Removable and Washable Quick Drying Interior
  • Multiple Venting and Extraction points
  • Multiple Spoilers and Tubulators for optimised aerodynamical performance
  • Pinlock® Prepared Visor with Tear Off Posts and Clear Pinlock® Anti-Fog Insert included
  • Official UK Model
  • ECE 22-05 Certified
  • ACU Gold Certified
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • EC 2205 approved
  • ACU gold approved
  • Full face helmet
Retention System
  • Double D ring
Shell Construction
  • Multi-Composite fibre
Visor Type
  • Pinlock® supplied

The X-Spirit 3 is Shoei Helmets flagship racing model supported by top class road races in MotoGP & World Superbike's. The X-Spirit III is born as a brand new model of Shoei X-series range of helmets following on from the market leading X-Spirit 1 & X-Spirit 2 models.

View Shoei Helmets promotional video for the X-Spirit 3 with Marc Marquez