Shoei Hornet ADV Cheek pads

Genuine Shoei parts

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The full range of Shoei Hornet ADV cheek pads. The Shoei Hornet ADV cheek pads are washable to ensure rider comfort at all times.

The Shoei Hornet ADV cheek pads are available in different thicknesses to allow you loosen or tighten the fit of the helmet around your cheeks.

If you're unsure what thickness you require, you can check by removing your original interior pad from the helmet and referring to the label on the back.

Sizing Guide:

  • Thickness - This is the thickness of the interior part.

Supplied with:

  • Package contains 1 pair of cheek pads.
  • Genuine Shoei part
  • Removable & Washable
  • Different thicknesses available to loosen or tighten the fit
Fits the following Helmets
  • Hornet ADV