Oxford Protex Stretch Outdoor Cover

Premium stretch-fit outdoor motorcycle cover

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The Oxford Protex Stretch outdoor motorcycle cover is a high specification stretch-fit motorcycle cover featuring front and rear lock pouches, to ensure your padlock is kept off the ground. The cover features water resistant seams, and a soft lining to protect the motorcycle from scratches. The cover is also ventilated to reduce condensation, and includes reflective panels and logos on the outside to increase visibility at night. To ensure the cover fits perfectly, it features an elasticated bottom and adjustable belly strap. The Oxford Protex Stretch cover also features an optional rear window, to show the number plate, and a clear window pocket for an Oxford Solariser battery charger, which is available separately.

Important: Do not allow this cover to come into contact with hot exhausts, engine parts or sharp objects.

  • Lock pouches (front & rear) to keep your padlock off the ground
  • Water-resistant seams
  • Soft lining protects against scratches
  • Ventilated to reduce condensation
  • Reflective panels & logos increase visibility at night
  • Tough 3 layer material protects against weather & light knocks
  • Elasticated bottom & adjustable belly strap to hold the cover in place
  • Clear window for Oxford Solariser battery charger
  • Rear window to show number plate (optional)
Accessories Type
  • Motorcycle covers

Oxford Products Protex Stretch size chart

Small 195CM 71CM 76CM
Medium 207CM 71CM 113CM
Large 220CM 78CM 116CM
X-Large 260CM 94CM 145CM
MP3 220CM 77.5CM 79CM