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Lazer Monaco Visors

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A selection of Lazer Monaco visors. These Lazer Monaco visors have the code LSP02 imprinted in the corner of the visor. The Lazer Monaco visors are a quick release visor and are available in clear, dark tint, silver mirror & blue mirror options. Please note only the clear visor is recommended for use on the roads.

Visor options

Standard - A visor with no anti-fog treatment or Pinlock pins fitted.

Pinlock prepared - The visor has the Pinlock pins fitted for use with the standard Pinlock antifog inserts.

Wide Vision Pinlock prepared - The visor has a recess and Pinlock pins fitted for use with the Wide Vision Pinlock anti-fog inserts.

Anti-fog treated - The visor is treated with an anti-fog coating to help prevent misting.

Supplied with

The visor is supplied with no fixings rings or clips attached

  • Note 1 Some visors may be supplied in AGV packaging depending on supply.
  • Note 2 These visors will not fit the Monaco Evo Helmet
  • 4 colour options
  • Quick release visor, no tools required
  • LSP02 visor code
  • Polycarbonate injection moulded
Fits the following Helmets
  • Monaco