HJC Tear-Off Pins Visor Spares

The new Pinlock® Tear-Off Pins

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The new Pinlock® Tear-Off pins for HJC Visors, with these pins you can install your Pinlock® inserts and Tear-Off films to your HJC helmet visor. The pin splits into three parts that consists of the female part, male part and the 4mm screw that holds the pin together.

These Tear-Off pins will fit all existing HJC RPHA 10, HJC RPHA 10+ & HJC RPHA 11 visors with the Tear-Off & Pinlock® pin combination installed.

Supplied with;

  • 2 x Tear Off Part Pinlock Pin
    2 x Male Part Pinlock Pin 
    2 x Screws
    Fitting instruction's

To fit these tear-off component pins you will require the following tools (Not Supplied)

  • Screwdriver PZ0
  • 5mm Hex Socket

Please follow instructions on packaging when fitting these pins.

  • Genuine Pinlock product
  • Eccentric for insert adjustment
  • Fits 5mm visor holes
  • Supplied with micro-fibre cleaning cloth
  • Supplied with screwdriver & pin support tool
  • Fits HJC RPHA 10, RPHA 10 Plus & RPHA 11 helmet visors
Fits the following Helmets
  • RPHA 10
  • RPHA 10 plus