HJC RPHA ST Gold Mirror Visor

Genuine HJC RPHA ST Visors

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A selection of genuine HJC RPHA ST visors. These HJC RPHA ST visors are available in many different colours and are supplied with the Pinlock pins fitted for use with the 100% Max Vision Pinlock anti-fog inserts, the visor can be use with or without the Pinlock insert fitted. The HJC RPHA ST visors are a quick release visor and no tools are needed to change the visor over. Only the clear & light tint options are suitable for use on the roads.

Visor options

Pinlock prepared - The visor has the Pinlock Pins fitted for use with the Pinlock anti-fog inserts.

Pinlock prepared & Pinlock insert included -
The visor has the Pinlock pins fitted and is also supplied with the Pinlock anti-fog Insert.

  • Genuine HJC Part
  • 100% Max Vision® Pinlock® prepared visors
  • Quick release no tools required
  • 6 different colour options available
  • HJ-20M (ST) visor model code
Fits the following Helmets