Caberg Ghost Multi Iridium Visor

Genuine Caberg Ghost visors

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Genuine Caberg Ghost visors are available in a range of colour options including clear, light tint, dark tint, silver iridium, gold iridium and multi iridium. The Caberg Ghost visors are supplied Pinlock prepared as standard, designed for use with the Max Vision anti-fog inserts. The Caberg Ghost visors use a simple spring tilting mechanism and are a quick release visor and no tools are needed to change the visor over.

Visor options

Pinlock prepared - The visor has the Pinlock pins fitted for use with the Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog inserts.

Pinlock prepared & Pinlock insert included - The visor has the Pinlock pins fitted and is also supplied with a clear Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog Insert.

  • Genuine Caberg visor
  • Pinlock prepared visors
  • 6 colour options available
  • Anti-scratch coating
Fits the following Helmets
  • Ghost