Astone Pinlock Push Pins

Genuine Pinlock push pins

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Astone Pinlock push pin is the standard pins used on Astone visors. The Astone push pins are made eccentric, making the process of tightening the tension around the insert and visor better.

This Astone Pinlock push pin will fit all 5mm visor holes for the standard Pinlock inserts.

Supplied with;

  • 2 x Pinlock push pins
  • Fitting Instructions
  • Genuine Pinlock part
  • Fits 5mm visor holes
  • Push fit
  • Eccentric pin for insert adjustment
  • Pinlock pins
Fits the following Pinlock prepared visor
  • Evojet
  • GT
  • GT800
  • GTB
  • GTO
  • Roadstar
  • RT1000
  • RT1200
  • RT600
  • RT800
  • SV2
  • Visio
  • GT900

Pinlock® fitting and adjustment with 2 piece pin

Pinlock® fitting and adjustment with original pin