Arai Tour-X 1/2/3/4 Holder Sets

Genuine Arai parts

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Genuine Arai Tour-X holder sets. Arai Tour-X visor holder sets are available to allow you to replace worn out or broken Arai holder sets. These Arai holder sets will fit Arai Tour-X, Arai Tour-X 2, Arai Tour-X 3 & Arai Tour-X 4 helmet models. The holder sets are listed under the colour or graphic name of the helmet, if you are unsure please refer to the images to ensure you select the correct colour holder set for your helmet.

Supplied with:

  • A pair of holder sets (left & right) in the colour selected, and 4 fixing screws

Product options

  • Helmet colour - please select your helmet colour or graphic

  • Genuine Arai part
  • Available in a wide range of colours and graphics
  • Fits all Arai Tour-X helmets
  • Supplied as a pair with 4 fixing screws
Fits the following Helmets
  • Tour X
  • Tour X-2
  • Tour X-3
  • Tour X-4