New Pinlock Insert Types

The Pinlock® 30 fog resistant insert lens is Pinlock®’s entry-level solution, and is ideal for everyday use. Easily outperforming the ECE standard’s mist-retardant test, the Pinlock® 30 lens is available in one size and fits all Pinlock® 30 prepared helmets.

The Pinlock® 70 fog resistant insert lens is the premium solution. This insert has become the benchmark for fog resistant performance and is most commonly used across the world. Therefore, it offers a perfect fit for your daily commute.

The Pinlock® 120 fog resistant insert lens is the solution for professionals. This lens is especially developed for usage in highly demanding conditions such as on the racetrack or adventure riding. The Pinlock® 120 insert lens has proven its extreme performance in premier racing series like Moto GP, WSBK and Formula 1.

Pinlock 30 70 120 insert