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Shark VZ40, VZ42 & VZ43 Visors - Clear

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These are Genuine Shark Visors, we are official Shark stockist and supply all visors that Shark produce. There are many visor colours available for the Shark, we can supply Clear, Light Tint, Dark Tint, Silver Mirror & Blue Mirror. Please note only the Clear and Light Tint are EC2205 approved. Please see below for details on the different visor options and Pinlock information.

Visor Options

Pinlock Prepared The visor is fitted with Pinlock pins installed on each side of the visor, this makes the visor ready to accept the Pinlock anti fog insert if required. These antifog inserts can be purchased separately. A visor with the pins can be used with or without the antifog insert, ideal if you may want to fit the insert at a later date.
Standard The visor is supplied without any alterations or upgrades from its original state. No pins, posts or antifog treatment, just a standard plain visor.

With Clear Pinlock

The Pinlock pins are installed in the visor and you are also supplied the Clear antifog insert insert to go with it. The Pinlock insert is sold at a reduced price if purchased at the same time as the visor.

Antifog Coated

A visor supplied with a anti-fog treatment on the inside to help reduce misting. These visors have to be treated with care as the coating is less durable then the visor.

Pinlock Information

The Pinlock system is based on three basic principles:

  1. Moisture absorbing material — Unlike the visor, the Pinlock insert is made out of a soft, porous plastic.
  2. Material thickness — Because thicker material absorbs more moisture and offers more impact protection.
  3. Double lens system — The air-tight pocket in between the Pinlock insert and the face shield creates an extra insulation layer further increasing the anti-fogging properties of the total system. Fogging up is a thing of the past!

Pinlock inserts are created out of a moisture absorbing plastic. The silicone seal on the insert creates an airtight pocket between the visor and insert. The Pinlock insert is placed between two adjustable eccentric pins, making it easy to install or switch inserts as weather conditions change.

The Pinlock is a very flexible system, allowing you to switch the colour of your insert adjusting to changing weather conditions. You can click one insert out and put the next one in.

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